Nitecore 2015 p12?


Newly Enlightened
Jun 20, 2015
Hello everyone have a question on a 2015 nitecore p12, was reading that after 3 minutes on turbo output is decreased to something like 550 luman, if I where to turn the light off then on again would it go back to turbo. Is their a cool down time needed, Iam probably over thinking this just thought I'd throw it out their.


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Sep 20, 2010
The timer is to protect the light from overheating. If you were to "trick" the light into resetting the step down timer by switching it off and back on, you will very likely buy yourself another three minutes on turbo. You can repeat the process and it will always come back on turbo. The light will of course get much hotter than it was intended to get so you do run some risk of damaging the light but it's also possible that it never suffers any ill effects.

The alternative technology to a step down timer is a thermal sensor that would step down the output based on the temp of the light. You couldn't trick one of those. If you turned the light off and back on, it would still be the same temp and the light would limit output.