NiteCore D10 / McDonalds Drive Through


Mar 7, 2010
The other night I used my NiteCore D10 at the drive through of my local McDonald's. The manager was outside, in the dark, fumbling around and trying to pick up the money which was dropped from three cars ahead of mine.

A big smile grew on the manager's face when my little D10 lit up the entire area he was searching. This light helped the poor manager finish his task in less than a minute. As soon as he was done, the manager walked up to thank me. I could tell that he was surprised to see that such a tiny light had well illuminated such a broad area.

The thing is, as I was only going to run a quick errand, I wasnt going to bother pocketing my favorite EDC light. But, then I felt compelled to gear up as usual. I guess that two people are glad that I EDCed.