Nitecore EC11


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Mar 6, 2016
Disclaimer! I got this flashlight from for review. as this is 2015 model, they sell it for a great price.
Here is product page at website.


Using XM-L2 U2 emitter, brightness can reach 900LM.
8-mode of lighting effect: 900LM, 300LM, 160LM, 70LM, 1LM, Strobe, Location, SOS.
Waterproof level up to IPX-8, max up to 2m submerged.
With power reminding functions to help you check the battery situations.
Made from aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable enough for long time daily use.
Supplied with a detachable clip to pin on your cloths.
Many backup accessories, such as tactical ring, spare tail cap, spare O-ring for backup.
With a wrist strap and a mini storage bag(can mount on your bag or other devices), convenient for daily use.

Light Color: White & Red
Lumen: 900LM
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Emitter: XM-L2 U2
Lighting Modes: 8modes
Power Source: 1 * RCR123 or 1 * CR123(not included)
Item Size: 7.2 * 2.1 * 2.1cm / 2.8 * 0.8 * 0.8in
Item Weight: 48g / 1.7oz
Package Size: 6.8 * 10 * 3.3cm / 2.7 * 3.9 * 1.3in
Package Weight: 111g / 3.9oz

, the paperbox of usual Nitecore colors includes E11C itself, lanyard, manual, holster and a couple of O-rings.



O, there is small pocket of silica gel inserted in flashlight to prevent rust.

Once EC11 is supposed to consume 18350 battery, it is slightly larger then usual 16340 flashlight. But "larger" stands for some millimeters (and for decent increase of battery capacity), in reality it is almost as small as any 16340 light, just 75mm in length and 25mm diameter.


And there is a small plastic tube, adapter from 16340 to 18350.

EC11 looks attractive, very harmonious and neat barrel (i hope i picked proper words and you got what i mean-) )




knurling is simbolic, just enouogh to unscrew tail. but once flashlight totally hides in palm, chances to loose grip are small.

there are some longitudal grooves to park clip. anodizing is good, i couldn`t scratch it with clip by now.

cooling ribs are small, but for flashlight size they are OK.

Reflector is OP, there is red light LED in arrition to L2-U2.
Bezel is crown-shaped, looks like designers wanted small tactical version. Looks funny, because there is no use of such small teeth (at least may be if user stands this flashlight on head, so it will be seen if light is on or off).


there are 2 holes for lanyard, in tail and in clip.

There is only one spring at the tail, no surprise for this size


UI is simple. I quickly got used to it.

I copied it from other E11 review.

Control the lights with the two little side buttons. You can’t feel difference in shape, but in total darkness it’s no problem to find the lights’ head. Press the bottom one for on/off, after that the upper for selecting the desired mode. A short press on the upper button will activate constant red, press one of the button to shut off. Press and hold (only when off) the bottom for instant lower/moonlight and the upper button for instant turbo. Press and hold (when white light is activated) for special modes: Starting with strobe > press and hold again to cycle through the next special modes. There’s also instant-strobe: Quick double-press the upper/mode button from off to get this. At red constant mode, press and hold the upper button for red blinking-mode. While shutting of the normal white and holding the button, the light will go into location-beacon-mode. One red flash every 3 seconds will help you to find your light back. When the light is on, and you press both buttons together for over one second, the light will go into lock-out mode. Do the same from off to reactivate.

There is voltage indication. just unscrew and then screw tail back, and red light will blink to show voltage of battery. 2 blinks and then 9 will mean 2.9v. nice feature, heh.

Temperature in turbo is high, that`s not easy to hold EC11 barehand. But that also means that heat dissipation works well. Anyway, turbo is turbo, and not suppose to last more then some seconds. For most other needs 300 lumens in high mode will be enough. Temperature in high mode is little bit more than 40 celcium, that`s ok.

Stepdown is after 3 minutes.


What is uncool - PWM shimmering in all the modes except turbo.

Red light is really bright and useful.






check the end of video, there are some live examples outdoor

I like, really like this small barrel of light, even ordered 18350 especially for it (but, to be frank, i also enthusiastically met a couple of other 16340 lighhtt - Olight S1 and On the Road M3. And quickly put them on shelf then) Variety of modes will be enough for all the needs.
For me now it looks like that i suddenly found flashlight that will take place of my previous fave - Xtar WK41. It is more compact, brighter and has more modes.
PWM shimmering? ok, i`ll tolerate this as this is the major disadvantage because i like the rest. Of course for initial price this would be unacceptable (especially for such a brand), but once price, that seller offers now, really beats over stores - why not.
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Nov 9, 2007
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You mention that it is the 2015 version, like there is a 2016 version as well. Is there a newer version of the EC11/EA11? I have the EA11, and I am perfectly happy with mine as it is. It is my 'big' EDC, in that it rides on my belt rather than in my pocket like the Microstream or on my keychain like the Tube.


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Mar 21, 2010
I've had mine for a year and a half and it is a nice light.
But it has had its time.
The Manker E14 / Astrolux S41 is now a much better choice for filling the same need:
About the same size; but a lot brighter and the quality of the light it emits is so much better (neutral tint and high CRI).


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Jul 12, 2011
EC11, one of my favorites! Can get it at Andrew-Amanda next week for $42. The S1 is awesome, one of my favorites also. But the OTR M3 is an amazing light, at a great price! Better UI than the S1 in my opinion. The light has it all.