NITECORE HC50 565 Lm Headlamp REVIEW


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Dec 21, 2014
Hello guthrie.
Maybe too late reply.I was waiting for people with both headlamps to comment...I have only the HC50. Its tint is nice,on the warmer side of cool white,but still it is a cool white light.
The beam is very floody.It is very rare to get so wide beam without mounting a diffusing cap.

Thanks, I've still not bought anything. Too hard to make a decision. At least in the good old days you could handle something in a shop, but the shops don't stock many decent torches these days.
If it is very floody that's no different or perhaps worse than the Fenix, which seems to use some sort of lense to keep it floody but not too much so. I suppose with the power in the nitecore you can overcome floodiness for distance objects, but then as a head torch I wasn't too fussed about illuminating things 50m away.
But if it's definitely cool white that's not very helpful, even if on the warm side.


Jan 2, 2016

I just purchased this headlamp, based largely on your review. My other two headlamps are a Coast HL7 2xAA zoomie and a Thrunite TH10. The HL7 is versatile, but a bit underpowered at 285 lumens. The TH10 has a nice amount of throw (for a headlamp) and definately has its uses. The HC50 is quite impressive with its wide bright beam.

Thanks for your review.


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May 31, 2012
Not sure if anyone had this problem. I never ever used the red led's. Today I decided to try it and only one led turns on. the other is dead. So much for 50,000 hours. This did not last 5 minutes.