Nitecore P20ix - if your in LE - highly consider it


Newly Enlightened
Feb 27, 2013
I'm in LE and use this light on my uniform, and have been for a few years. I firmly feel its a great back up light, also has a lot going for it when used for LE, such as:

- Has a window break on it
- Can be charged with your cell phone charger in cruiser. (USB C)
- Super simple UI that has a strobe button incase u need to blind someone, momentary on switch is also nice.
- 4000 lumens on high, easily go right thru most tinted windows
- very durable for what it is, I've dropped it a ton, zero issues.
- has a battery filler so u can convert to 2x CR-123

For me at least its the perfect secondary light, for some could even function as a primary!