Nitecore TM28 additional set of batteries questions


Newly Enlightened
Dec 28, 2009
Cumbria UK

I am looking at purchasing some additional sets of batteries (maybe a couple of spare sets) for my Nitecore TM28, as I always like to carry spare sets of batteries for whichever torch I have with me, just in case the ones in the torch go flat.

The included batteries with the TM28 specifically mention for use with the TM28, and also have the following information on them:

18650 3.7 V
3100 mAh
Max continuous discharge 10A 11.47 Wh

From what I can gather, the supplied batteries give you the ability to have access to the Turbo/6000 lumens option. And using lesser mAh batteries and or ones that have less than 10A max continuous discharge would not allow the TM28 to access its Turbo/6000 lumens option.

I was wondering if someone could tell me if I could purchase some none Nitecore batteries, and still have access to the TM28 6000 lumens/Turbo option. And if so which batteries would I need to purchase. I basically don't want to be locked to Nitecore batteries if possible, so that I have some alternative brands/more choice to purchase.

I've also read that its possible to use flat topped 18650 cells (which from my very limited knowledge I believe flat topped cells are all unprotected) with the included adapter that comes with the TM28. From what I've read, flat top 18650 cells can sometimes be cheaper (due to them been unprotected), and wondered if someone could recommend a high quality, reliable, safe, long lasting flat top 18650 with 10A or higher.

One last thing. Are there any dangers or disadvantages with using, and also charging the flat topped unprotected cells. I would be looking at charging the flat tops in either the TM28 or the Nitecore SC4 charger?