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Newly Enlightened
Sep 9, 2018
Boulder, CO

This is both a flooder (10,000 lumens) and thrower (750m). Flood and throw can be used together or separately with the buttons provided. It is a great and unusual light! Built like a tank.

Shelf queen like most of my lights. Never used or carried. Just tested and admired. Like new condition. Retail (my cost) was $254


  • Product name: Niwalker MM18JR(72) 2x XHP70.2+1x XHP35 HI 10,000LM LED Flashlight
  • Brand: Niwalker
  • Model: MM18JR(72)Emitter Type:XHP70.2,XHP35 HI
  • Total Emitters: 3x (2 flooders and 1 throw)
  • Material: Aerospace grade aluminium alloy
  • Mode: L1,L2,L3,L4,L5,L6,L7,SOS,Warning flash,Beacon
  • Lumens/Runtime: Please see the chart for detailsBattery Configurations:4x18650 Battery (Not included)
  • Switch Type: ClickySwitch Location:Side of the flashlight
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 220,000cd
  • Range: 850m
  • Impact Resistant: 1.5mMax
  • Output: 10,000LM
  • Waterproof: IPX-8
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 498g without battery
  • Size: 2.64" x 2.17" x 5.63" (67mm x 55mm x 143mm) (Head diameter x Tail diameter x Length)

-Utilizes total 3 U.S. made emitters 2x XHP70.2+1x XHP35 HI.
-Maximum output up to 10,000 ANSI lumens.
-Highly efficient constant current design offers maximum output and runtime.
-Smart triple Multi-function clicky side switches.
-Memory function to remember last output setting used (except main switch).
-Advanced thermal protection circuit prevents overheating.
-Unique smooth reflector design provides great throw beam distance and beam pattern.
-Aircraft grade aluminum, mil-spec hard anodized for maximum wear.
-Toughened ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
-Large cooper heat sink pad for superior thermal conductivity.
-LED indicator turns red (below 12V) to alert user to switch lower output mode andrecharge batteries in time.

Package included:
1 x Niwalker MM18JR(72) 2x XHP70.2+1x XHP35 HI 10000LM LED Flashlight
1 x Lanyard
1 x O-rings
1 x User manual

User Interface:
-Press hold the main switch for momentary activation (100% Output). Do second press hold within 3 seconds for 100% output constant on.
-Double click the main switch for strobe.
-Triple click for lock out (main switch, switch A and B).
-There are three settings in main switch- setting 1 (2x XHP70.2) > setting 2 (1x XHP35 HI) > setting 3 (2x XHP70.2 + 1x XHP35 HI). You may select your desired setting first and then press hold the main switch when light is on for changing outputs.
-When the light is on - double click to access hidden modes (SOS, warning flash, beacon).
-Press hold the main switch for changing hidden modes.(light fast flashes to let user know you are in next mode).
-You can save one different mode or output on switch A or B (Press hold switch A or B that you want save).
-Once you release the switch, the light comes on constant output with mode memory.
-All three switches are able to operate independently when modes/outputs are saved.

Niwalker MM18Jr 03.jpgNiwalker MM18Jr 04.jpgNiwalker MM18Jr 01.jpgNiwalker MM18Jr 02.jpg

What follows is a review in the Budget Light Forum by
maukka of this light:

Usually there's a trade off between flood and throw, unless you make the light huge and use several high output emitters overdriven hard. Niwalker has a couple of lights with dedicated emitters for both flood and throw. I got a MM18JR for testing which utilizes two XHP70.2s for flood and a single XHP35 HI for throw.

Manufacturer's specifications
Battery: 4×18650 (accepts button and flat tops, protected and unprotected, batteries not included)
LED: 2x Cree XHP70.2 and 1x XHP35 HI (5000K measured from the hotspot)
Waterproof: IPX8
Impact resistance: 1.5 meters
Mode memory: no (dedicated auxiliary switches with memory)
Low voltage protection: side switch led indicator when battery voltage low, LVP cutoff
Thermal regulation: yes
Lockout: electronic
Website: http://www.niwalkerlight.com/lighting_15.html(link is external)



Box and contents


There's clearly a typo for throw on the specs. Even the candela and throw distance don't match.


Size comparison

Niwalker MM18JR, Astrolux MF01, Olight X7R, BLF Q8, Acebeam X45







The maximum output (L7) is not part of the regular mode cycle but must be activated from off by holding down the main switch. This puts the light in momentary turbo, from which you can transition to constant turbo by releasing and pressing the main switch again. Of course you can program either of the auxiliary switches for maximum output.
There's no way to enable the L7 for the XHP70.2 or XHP35 HI separately. Full turbo is always with all of the emitters at full blast.

UI works as follow
From off
Single click turns 2xXHP70.2 on L1
Holding the main switch activates momentary turbo (L7), releasing and clicking again makes the L7 constant
Double click activates strobe
Triple click for electronic lockout
Single click of either of the auxiliary switches activates the saved mode

From on
Single click advances to the next output configuration (2xXHP70.2 -> XHP35 HI -> 2xXHP70.2 + XHP35 HI -> off) and resets to L1
Long press and hold cycles the output modes on the selected output config (L1 -> L2 -> L3 … -> L6 -> L1)
Long press of an auxiliary switch saves the current mode to the corresponding switch

Unlike on the BK-FA30S, there's no mode memory on the main switch. It will always engage the 2xXHP70.2 on the lowest mode from off. If you activate a programmed mode with the auxiliary switches, the main switch will turn off the light.
The light is very comfortably sized and while there's not much knurling on the body to enhance grip, the tapered shape makes for a quite a secure feeling. For mounting, there's a tripod mount and a lanyard, which attaches below the switches. It's the same lanyard that comes with the BK-FA30S, but suits much better a smaller light like the MM18JR.
Preliminary measurements
Combined, it's spec'd for 10000 lumens with 8300 lumens from the XHP70.2s and 1700 lumens from the XHP35 HI. Just like with the BK-FA30S, there's two auxiliary switches to store your favorite modes and access them instantly. My measurements verify the claim. I got 9900 lumens at 0 seconds, 9350 lumens at 30 seconds. Most of the 61kcd throw is achieved via the XHP35 HI.

The tint of the XHP70.2s is typical. A slightly greenish hotspot and a purplish spill. The XHP35 HI is much more neutral in tint throughout the beam. There's some artifacts in the hotspot because of the reflector, but the anomalies aren't very visible in real life use.
Maximum output with both emitters on full blast

Flood L6

Throw L6

All emitters L6
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