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For Sale - Flashlight Noctigon K9.3 - SST-20 4000k 95 CRI - $70.00 shipped Priority!


Mar 26, 2011
Rockport, Indiana
I have several "Hank Lights" for sale - Emisars & Noctigons. All are in great condition & work fantastic. Prices include Priority Mail (usually small flat rate box) CONUS & PayPal only

item# 01) Emisar DW4 (grey) Nichia 219BT-V1 R9080 4500k, Boost Driver, magnet in tailcap and pocket clip (nearly brand new) $65.00 SOLD

item# 02) Emisar D4v2 (grey) SST-20 4000k/2700k , Boost Driver, pocket clip (like new) $50.00 SOLD

item# 03) Noctigon K9.3 (green) SST-20 4000k (inner 9) Osram Green W1 CSLNM.F1 (outer 3) $70.00

item# 04) Emisar DT8 (grey) SST-20 4000k no FET linear Driver, pocket clip $50.00 SOLD

item# 05) Emisar D1 Mini Pocket Thrower (grey) SST-20 4000k, pocket clip (nearly brand new) $35.00 SOLD

item# 06) Noctigon K1 (green) Cree XHP35 HI 5000k $70.00 SOLD

item# 07) Emisar D4v2 Titanium SST-20 4000k/2700k KR4 Driver, pocket clip $60.00 SOLD

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