Non-DPSS (native green) diode lasers on the market now


Oct 19, 2003
In a handbasket
I saw an announcement about native green laser diodes a few years ago, but they were prohibitively expensive at the time. Now they're coming way down in price. I've just obtained one pre-mounted in a brass housing with a constant current driver for under $30. The wavelength is just a few nanometers different from the usual DPSS green, but it's virtually un-noticeable. This is great for at least four reasons -

1) Much more efficient. You don't have to drive an IR pump laser through that lossy multiple crystal assembly to get green light.

2) It's way more rugged without that fragile MCA. This is critical for applications like gun sights.

3) There's no high-powered IR energy present in the beam, making it much safer to use.

4) They're physically smaller, making it easier to fit into tight spaces.

I purchased mine for some experiments with laser modulation.
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