non-flashlight: BAY15s LED replacement bulb recommendation request


Mar 14, 2004
Howdy folks,

I have a favour to ask of you. I need input regarding a project I'm helping out on with a local ham radio club. We've gotten hold of an old transit bus and are most of the way through converting it into a mobile command centre from which we can co-ordinate community events and the like.

The problem is, that over last summer when I was away on a Coast Guard ship, they got started on the DC plant build and ignored my specification for low power lighting and installed 18 2-lamp incandescent RV lights in it.

Each bulb draws something like 2.6A from the battery plant. I didn't want to hook them all up to the batteries, but you know how it is; some people need to learn the hard way. So after they were connected, and all switched on, and they watched the 10 Ga. wire that they pulled throughout the bus burn, they decided that perhaps low power was in fact the way to go.

So here we are. The way I see it, we have 2 options: We can start from scratch and install some under-cabinet workstation lights and LED strips on the ceiling, or put some drop-in replacement bulbs into the existing fixtures.

Or a combo of the 2 (most likely).

What, then, I'm asking of you is suggestions of and dealers for good robust omni pattern white LED replacement bulbs for 1156 / BAY15s 12V light systems.

Thanks in advance!