Non-traditional wishes for the New Year


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Feb 19, 2006
I wish to acquire and test a good induction hotplate this year. I love our gas stove, I do most of the cooking and the gas stove will be staying. Mrs. Bomber wants a better cooking experience and does not like gas stoves, not ours not any of them. Induction is the next runner up.

I wish to figure out the art of cooking with a wok. I have a good wok, I have an 80k btu propane burner, I just need to get a pile of veggies and some more sesame oil and start experimenting.

I wish to figure out how to relax. I busted my grits for a long time to retire. I'm there now. I still feel antsy - like I have to get up and DO something. Habit of a lifetime. The house is clean, the garage is clean, the shop is clean, the cabin is built, the vehicles are built. I don't need to set the alarm clock and the world will keep spinning if the truck's oil change is postponed to noon instead of 7:30am. I need another hobby, or maybe a part time laid back job, just to keep me busy. Or start another part time business. Hmm.

Clearly, I wish to do some serious soul-searching and figure out what to do with the rest of my life.

I have lots of opinions on the political items that have been mentioned. I wish people would learn to take care of themselves, take care of their responsibilities, and mind their own business. Only you are responsible for your own actions, and you ARE responsible for them. On the flip side, you are NOT responsible for anyone else's actions, if they aren't hurting anyone then mind your own business.

I'm doing well on the resolutions.

I acquired and tested an induction hot plate. Wife still doesn't like to cook.

Got my wok technique down. Fast, easy, delicious.

I started volunteering at a local high school, it's great for me and the kids.

How is everyone else doing?

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