Now I get my decoder ring?


Newly Enlightened
Dec 4, 2002
Tyler, TX
In another post I mentioned a problem I had charging my new Ultra Stinger. The dealer was no help and Streamlight said I'd have to send it to them for repairs. I appreciate the advice and suggestions I received here. Since it charged with a spacer in place behind the battery pack and worked fine without the spacer, I dug a little deeper and found that the center spring was not wound under the copper contact behind the head. A few minutes and a twist of the spring and I'm in the LIGHT!! and it charges fine.
I then took your advice and ordered the ARC AAA AND the LS. I haven't received the AAA yet but the $60 factory 2nd hybrid is amazing!!!
I think they screwed up and sent me a 1st!!
Bright white with a slight, slight blue tint. It is tons brighter than my AA Mag light and when compared on the wall it makes the mag's output look jaundiced!
Thanks for the advice for the newest addict....
Is there a secret handshake or something now?

Charles Bradshaw

Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 14, 2002
Mansfield, OH

Congratulations on joining the Arc club! My 2 Arc LSes are of the Rev1 variety (a tad dimmer than yours). Get yourself a 2AA pack for it, and a TSP-123 (tail switch) and you will be in heaven. I don't have an Arc AAA, as I don't care for AAA batteries.

Like you, I couldn't understand all the raving about the LS, until I got my first one.