office lighting project



Hi, i have some questions before i purchase some LEDS. My project is to make an undercabinet LED lighting for an office space and my goals are to achieve about 500 lux output in 2x2 meterspace. Given that i am generally new to designing, I can't figure out what viewing angles i should use, amount of light each LED should output, any other way to dim LEDS besides changing duty cycles (if there are products out there for dimming please point me in the right direction). I also want to be able to change the CCT from 4000-6000 K and my idea is to purchase 3-5 LEDS for each 4000,5000,and 6000K. Not all LED will be on at any given time, but assume only 3-5 LED will be on at any particular moment. Right now i am going through digikey to find all the products that i think will work so i can make a smart purchase, but i don't know if the specs that i look for are optimal for office lighting. Please enlighten me =) If you come up with LED suggestions or dimmer suggestions please post and give me your reasoning. The goal of my project is have different hues that will gradually change as the day progresses.