Old time NOOB


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Jun 16, 2020
Hello, been lurking and using CPF here and there for research for oh about three years or so now. Figured, its time to stop being shy and say hello. Aside from long walks on the beach, and being a sagittarius.... Im into "night hikes" and/or what is technically known as urban exploration to a degree but more urban/suburban and rural expo... I have quite the collection (100+) but about 20 or 30 that are my "babies." I currently have been rockin a Zebralight sc64w hi as my EDC however, my normal EDC is a McGizmo Haiku stock from Don with Hive converter driving a xpl-hi emitter. Oh and of course always have a sofirn c01 in my coin pocket equipped with sofia hi-cri, fully potted... i am also very fond of most anything Malkoff and a few other honorables for me would be HDS (clicky>rotary), Oveready BOSS system, and although kinda at the other end of the spectrum: Sofirn. Imo sofirn really raised the bar for not only pretty much every budget company, but many already established, well respected chinese manufacturers such as Fenix and the likes. Anyways, hopefully i didnt ramble too much as to already be penalized first official post in!? :oops:lovecpf