Oldest Niece (6yrs) wants Headlamp - Not dangerous for 2yr old sibling



First of all, I did not start this. I have been out of the country. However, my niece is related to me! - She wants a headlamp!!! :) However, she is starting very young. :)

I read a 2009 thread that dealt with older children (8 13) but am unsure if the suggestions would be applicable to my six year old niece. She has younger siblings, youngest 2 years old. In addition, there may be better choices available now.

Hear are some suggestions from a 2009 thread.


  • PT 5mm LED headlights
  • rayovac 1AA sportsman extreme adjusts very small. Red and blue lights also make for some added fun.
  • $15 6 LED Energizer or Husky headlamps that have 2 white spot, 2 white flood, and 2 red flood 5mm LED's
  • rayovac 1aa sportsmen mentioned above is neat and my kids love the multi color led's but the batteries do not last long at all and it does not stay in position when they are bouncing around.
  • I got my daughter a princeton tec Fuel for $20
  • Black Diamond Wiz headlamps for my kids
  • Atoms at $10 a pop
  • Garrity 1 Watt 8 LED Headlamps (Which the OP bought from a poster and kept for himself)
I will need to get the headlamp delivered to Pittsburgh, PA before Christmas (Shipping charges? - delivery schedule?) or be able to buy it locally 2 days before Christmas in an unfamiliar city while suffering from jetlag.

Thanks for the help!!