Olight i5T eos


Jun 27, 2021
Another resent add to my lights. Bought it as a whim so it wasn't part of the unicorn hurt.

The i5T is a small light. I almost thought I'd gotten a AAA light. Not sure it's possible to make a AA light smaller. My Fenix LD 10 & 12 dwarf the i5T. Small is nice but as with all lights the real question is how does it work? Well, very well.

Simple build, well done with limited UI that only has monetary on at 1/2 press & on with a full press. The light starts on low (15L) anytime it's been off for more than 2 seconds; less than 2sec you will get high (300L). This from a standard AA, 14500 need not apply. As with most lights high doesn't last long. Too Olights credit they spell out clearly high lasts for 3 minutes, drops to 150L for 25min and then 2hrs at 30L. This of course if you want to use this light in away it's clearly not meant to be used.

This light is a "find the umbrella in the closet" & "check around the car in a dark lot" kinda light. With that understanding the 15L & claimed 20hr run time highlights it's strong point as does it's broad even beam. This is a terrific "having it with you when you need" it light. It "shines" in this mission. That you have a 300L for "just in case" is ice cream on your pie. The two way clip makes this easier to keep with you & gives you more ways to use it, hands free if needed.

This IS the light for office attire. It could almost be a key chain light. Outstanding in its form & function. I really did not expect to like this light so much BUT if it had not been for the great price I got this light at I would've never found it out. There are 18650 lights at this price point that out perform this on every level except convenience.