OLIGHT S15 vs Quark AA & Olight I3S ?


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May 8, 2013
Hi all,
I have an older Quark AA which I run on 1AA. I also have a Olight I3S which on 1AAA. First (A) my personal comparison then (B) question for all who have the Olight S15 1xAA in addition to the other two : ( I use rechargeables ).

(A) My Observations:
Quark AA puts out more light but the beam pattern is too tight a spot with little to no graduation to spill. Whiter tint ( which I prefer ) than the I3S. Thought one only notices the tint difference when they are running side by side. I would call this a Spot light.

Olight i3S is a great light and the beam pattern is much better for my needs. The tint a bit more yellow than the Whiter/cooler tint of the Quark. I would call this a great all purpose light.

Moonlight and all modes are similar but the I3S is much better because it is wider beam with wider spot and more even transition spot to fill. For example when using the Quark at night in woods or anywhere the pupil closes down in reaction to the spot and the spill is not well lit at all.

(B) MY Question:
I am considering the Olight S15 1xAA. How does this light compare in terms of light output and particularly BEAM PATTERN especially Spot vs Flood and the graduation between?

I have read the lumen output comparisons but they don't tell much. I would appreciate your opinions considering my preferences noted above from those who own all three lights.

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Mar 25, 2007
I don't own an S15 any longer (returned), but it's going to be to closer to your I3S in flood than your Quark XPG (?) - this is simply the nature of the emitter to reflector size ratio. All else equal, the larger the emitter, and/or smaller reflector, the floodier the light will be. The XML (same emitter used in the S15) Quark beams are going to be comparable to the S15 and I3S... I too prefer floodier beams and EDC a lego'd QPA-X.


Mar 16, 2011
I happen to have an S15 (Ti) and an I3S right in front of me. The size of the spill and hotspots seem quite similar. The main difference I notice betwixt the two is that the hotspot on the S15 is more clearly defined, whereas on the I3S it blends into the spill a little more gradually.

The S15 can support a 14500, so you know can easily win the output department. Even so, I prefer to run my S15 on an Eneloop because I like the mode level/options better. I don't know if it's well documented, but on batteries that are not Li-ion, it has 3 levels of brightness. With the Li-ion, it has 4 levels.

One particular complaint with the S15 is that the switch is easy to activate while it's in your pocket. And the lockout feature is somewhat easy to deactivate while it's in your pocket as well. So take that into consideration.