Olight S30R BatonII: XM-L2 (U3), 1020 lumens, 1x18650/2xCR123A, beamshots/compare


Sep 10, 2012
The Netherlands
Recently, my first Olight rechargeable came in, the S30R Baton II. This one is an upgrade of the earlier released S30R Baton, Olight has improved the performance and reliability and its driven by a XM-L2(U3) instead of a U2-version. Thanks to the included charging dock this light should be ideal for using in and around home. Let’s have a look at this all-rounder and compare it also to other lights in the same lumen class.

Olight S30R Baton II, compact allrounder

suited to light up the dark autumn season

has a XM-L2 (U3) led inside

in-light charging possible

At first, the (manufacturer) specs:

· Fast and easy charging. The light features a micro-USB charging dock that includes an additional USB input to charge other devices.
· The light is powerful and small with a maximum light output up to 1020 lumens.
· The flashlight includes 1 x 18650 3600mAh. This is the highest capacity 18650 available.
· Cree XM-L2 U3. The maximum output is 1020 lumens
· Hardened tempered glass with two-sided anti-reflective coating featuring a glow-in-the-dark o-ring
· Multi-function side switch with five brightness levels, plus a strobe mode
· Flat tail cap with a strong magnet providing the ability to use it as a hands-free work light
· Removable pocket clip that is scratch resistant
· Thermal management safety program provides overheating protection by dropping high output by 60% after 5 minutes of constant on
· Featuring a wide range current circuit. The light can be powered by 2 x CR123A (Cannot be charged).
· Reverse polarity protection to prevent improper battery installation
· Can be powered by two non-rechargeable CR123A lithium batteries as a last resort in an emergency.
· Low standby current below 15uA


· Flashlight: 4.69 in/119mm x 0.98 in/25mm
· Charging Dock: 2.17 x 1.97 x 0.63 in / 55 x 50 x 16mm
· Weight:
· 122g/4.3 oz (flashlight with battery)
· 24g/0.85 oz(charging dock)

And the output specifications:


The S30R BatonII comes in a transparent plastic box. The box is sturdy enough to protect the flashlight against damage, but this material can be scratched easily. As usual, almost all features and specifications are mentioned at the box. The S30R BatonII is ready to go: charging dock, battery and usb-cable are included! A holster is missing. Summarizing, a neat and complete package!

this plastic, transparent Olight case….

contents: S30R Baton II, charging dock, 3600 mAh cell, manuals, spare o-ring, usb cable and leaflet


As with earlier lights, my first impression of this Olight is good. It’s not a lightweight, but feels high quality. I can’t say that much about the built quality, anodizing en finishing: As usual, it’s done very well. The light has nice texture, feels good in hand, but has a real big clip. Handy to prevent loss, but rather big for a light of this proportions. The reflector is smooth and has also the blue “glow-in-the dark” ring, that helps you to locate the light. The XM-L2 (U3) is centered well. No comments about the finishing in the tube and the tailcap, it’s done well. I really love the strong magnet in the tailcap: the S30R Baton II can be clipped on everywhere there’s a metal surface. The light has steady tailstand and a perfect anti-roll design. Overall, a neat light. Please scroll down for more impressions, told by photo’s.

the latest version of the S30R Baton

well machined and finished

the U3 version of the XM-L2 led

rather compact, so easy to handle with

nice job on anodizing, good grip

a perfect anti-roll design

a look into the battery-tube

a close-up to the tailcaps’ inner

easy and almost everywhere charging, only a usb-out is needed

the dock has an extended port too, to charge (for example) your cell phone

the well centered led

member of the big Olight family

a rather long clip, but good protection against loss

the blue ring will light up in the dark and help you to locate your light

charging at the office during the day

fully charged and ready for the dark evening

clip on your Olight SR30 Baton!

User interface:

Thanks to its compact size the S30R is easy to handle with. The light has one button for all, the black power switch has a stiff structure and is not illuminated. The button is not easy to find in the dark, I often turned the hexagonal ring under the head without finding the button. The interface works without problems: click for on / off, press and hold for mode selecting. Press and hold (from off) for direct Moonlight, quick double press (from on and off) for instant Turbo. Moonlight can only be activated from off, normally when the light is on, you can cycle through low – mid – high. Three quick clicks will activate Strobe, no matter from on or off. Good to see that lights with only one button have so much modes that are quite easy to find, but I’m curious how the interface would be if this light used a kind of “double-button”. Or maybe a 2-stage switch. Charging is simple: connect the usb-cable to a power source and put / click the light on the charger until the led lights up green. That’s all. The charger can be taken easily in your pocket, so it’s no problem to carry it every day. Good job here of Olight.


The S30R BatonII has total five normal modes. MOONLIGHT – LOW – MID –HIGH – TURBO. Moonlight is only available from off. Turbo must be activated by a double click. There one special mode: Strobe, you’ll get into this by three quick clicks. So total also three instant modes: instant MOONLIGHT, instant TURBO and instant STROBE. Mode spacing is good, three clicks to get Strobe takes to long. In stressful situation, strobe has to be activated immediately. Get into LOCKOUT-mode by losing the tailcap a bit.

Size comparison:

A comparison here to some lights in the same lumen-class: The Lumintop SD20 and the Nitecore MH12. It shows the compact size of the rechargeable Olight.

18650 cell, Olight S30RII, Lumintop SD20 and Nitecore MH12

Olight S30RII, Lumintop SD20 and Nitecore MH12

Olight S30RII, Lumintop SD20 and Nitecore MH12

three XM-L2 leds, the U3-version on the left

the tails: Olight S30RII, Lumintop SD20 and Nitecore MH12


A smooth, not that deep reflector in combination with the XM-L2 will give the S30RII a mixed beam with clear hotspot and corona. Handy for all-round, all day use. Luckily no defects in the beam or PWM. So, this looks ok.


The S30R Baton II has a coolwhite tint. Compared to the Nitecore you can see that the MH12 has a slightly warmer tint, and the Lumintop has a bluish tint.



As, usual, we will start here by projecting the light at a white wall. First the five output modes, followed by a GIF. Moonlight is hard to see, the distance to the wall is about 0,75 meter.

camera settings: ISO 100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 1/125 sec, 35mm






And now, going outside. We’ll start by showing the five output modes. After that, a GIF-picture. Followed by a shoot-out to some the Lumintop and the Nitecore. There’s not that much difference between High and Turbo, I did my beamshots with fully charged 3600 mAh cell.

camera settings: ISO 100, WB daylight, F/2.7, 4 sec, 35mm






The S30R Baton against the Lumintop SD20

The S30R Baton against the Nitecore MH12


The S30R BatonII is a user friendly light, that, although it’s not a real tiny, easily can be carried in your (coat) pocket. As always, good built quality and easy interface, but I’d like to see a two stage or double switch in future. The output in Turbo-mode didn’t impress, it was at my sample almost the same than High. The charging function works fine, but if you forget the dock you have a problem… At the other way, the light will be more durable with this connector. I really like the strong magnet too, it makes the S30R Baton II a nice light to have in your car or using on jobs. So, the overall score is good!

Thanks to Olightworld and Adola for providing me this sample!
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Re: Olight SR30 BatonII: XM-L2 (U3), 1020 lumens, 1x18650/2xCR123A, beamshots/compare

Nice reviews. I felt the same, the turbo is not much higher than high mode.