Olight X6 Marauder (6x XM-L, Rechargeable) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO + more!


Jan 14, 2012
Hi Selfbuilt,

How long can the batterypack of the X6 give the Marauder full power? I mean, how long ,many years can the batterypack last? Before it dies?

I have my X6 now for a year and a half, but use it almost not, only 2 times in a month or so, and then, only for some minutes.

How long does this batterypack last? And give the X6 , the full 107 Kcd?

Thank you.

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May 27, 2006
How long can the batterypack of the X6 give the Marauder full power? I mean, how long ,many years can the batterypack last? Before it dies?
You should ask the battery experts in the batteries and electronics sub-forum for general guidance. No one will be able to give you a specific answer, because that would depend in part on the specific formulation of the Olight battery pack. But they could at least advise about what typical happens to Li-ion or Li-polymer packs as they age.

I am no expect, but I believe a lot comes down to how many times the pack has been recharged, and how long it has stayed stored at very high (or very low) charge levels. Unless abused, I would expect that it should last for many years with the ability to produce max output. What you are likely to find (eventually) is that the total runtime drops with age. But at what expected rate, I cannot say.


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Dec 21, 2016
Well, only a nut would buy a $600 MSRP light and choose to potentially void the warranty by modding it. I guess I'm a nut.

Planned mods for the X6:
1) replace the little proprietary connector with a weatherproof standard connector. Probably this one:
Replacing it on both ends will make it easier and quicker to connect (the proprietary connector isn't terribly convenient). These standard waterproof connectors are also more easily replaced should they break or get damaged in some way.
2) mod #1 also leads to mods #2 & #3. Mod#2 is to take this cable
and replace the CLA female end with a female Deutsch connector from above, thus allowing me to power the light directly from a vehicle cigarette lighter socket.
3) the addition of this
will allow me to run the light straight off a vehicle battery.
4) since the Olight ac-dc adapter takes a 120-240v input and provides a 12v 6A output for the light, all the above should work fine shouldn't it? In addition, I'll either replace the plug on the Olight ac-dc adapter with another Deutsch connector, or perhaps, get a cheaper adapter that takes ac and outputs 12v and at least 6A.

Mods 1-4 will make connecting and disconnecting the light far easier, plus easily allow me to run the light from a vehicle cigarette lighter, 12v battery or ac outlet.

Further mods (might have to send this to vinhnguyen54 for these):
5) XM-L2 T6's on copper SinkPads, plus any additional potential heatsink or heat dissipation mods.
6) replace the 2600mAh cells in the proprietary battery pack with Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh cells (~30% increase).

7) since the cells are 3s2p, it's potentially possible to build a custom backpack carried battery pack with something like 12 or even 24 18650's or any multiple of 3 (to be charged with a hobby charger) that could provide anything from 260% or greater runtime.



Did you ever try any of these mods? I'm very keen to be able to both run the lamp directly off 12V and also to charge the battery when I'm in the truck. I've tried to identifiy the connector type that's currently between the battery and the lamp with no success.