On Road Spotlights / Lightbars


Newly Enlightened
Apr 24, 2016
Western Australia
I currently drive about 9 hours twice a month to work along mostly deserted 2 lane roads at speeds between 80 to 110 km/h at night and wish to upgrade or supplement my current forward lighting.

Currently I have 2 H4 bulbs on each headlight with no gimmicky tinting and 2 Hella rally 4000 HID compacts in the spot configuration.

This configuration seems to go fine with the original hi-beams providing a "flood" pattern and the spots giving the middle a punch but by law I am aloud two more lamps / light bars either on the roof or the bumper.

Now both of the rallies have cracked lenses so I have to replace them anyway , anything better I could buy 4 of?
https://imgur.com/a/3ZLUukc heres the current front.

At the moment I'm thinking of replacing the lenses of the rallyes and buying 2 hella 470 led light bars one in pencil and one in driving beam, but from what I can see my 4000 compacts already outshine those options.
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