Opinion on Chinese LT015 AA 8-LED?


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Jul 25, 2006
They arrived! Review here...

Here they are!!

11 days from China to Michigan, not too bad. All LED's on all three lights work, that's a major plus. They are exactly as they appeared in the eBay photo, so I'm assuming that this is the old style model with lower output and longer battery life. They are so tiny!! I wasn't expecting the diminuitive dimensions. Light output is excellent all things considered, although I have no way of measuring it quantitatively. It is frustratingly light outside still :laughing: at 7:55 EST (long summer days....) but according to my scientific tests of walking around in the basement with the lights turned off, the light will be more than adequate for my needs. I currently have two of them running with rechargeable Lithium Ion cells, we'll see how long they last. The silver colored light had slightly coarser threads than than the black one, which felt quite slick. The blue one is in the middle. All are acceptable. I might put plumber's tape around the threads, as was suggested to me. The heads definitely do unscrew. Is there any disadvantage to leaving the endcap screwed on tight, and turning the light on and off with the head? I would prefer this approach, because I will be carrying it suspended from the endcap on a keychain, and I want the endcap tight. What do you think, you guys who have taken them apart? Is the head assembly and threading durable enough to repeatedly use the head as the switch?

Well, unless one of these things conks out or something, my initial impression of these $4 lights is VERY positive. They get my wholehearted "Tightwad's stamp of approval"!


Apr 29, 2006
Central Florida, USA
carbine15 said:
your talking about two totaly different lights. he's asking about the one that takes one AA battery not the ones that take three AAA batteries. The heads to not screw off.. they are held on by compression. they are very difficult to remove.

well, the ones I had uses 1AA, but the LED head isnt watertight, so freeze popping doesnt work, only left ice all over the bins on the freezer doors