Opinions on Jetbeam

Lit Cyclist

Newly Enlightened
Feb 19, 2019
Also I like the M37 Crossbow (esp in MAO white). A friend has one modded with a Cree XHP50.3HI 90CRI 5000K that is sublime. Styling cues very directly from the old legacy Surefire C-series 4 flat side body design.
I've been looking for a replacement for my old BC40 to use on my bicycle, and the M37 seems like it could work. Its published 1" diameter would allow it to fit into a rail mount which I've rigged to fit into a diy QR mount.

I'm a little worried about blasting oncoming traffic with 3000lm when turning it on; can I get it to the medium setting fairly quickly? Any long-term concerns about the tail switch?