Opple Pro is on sale


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Mar 31, 2015
Opple is on sale on Aliex.. get one while you can.

I Highly recommend the Opple, and it is on sale for a very good price.

My bet, is once they are gone, there will be no more.. do not delay, or you will miss your chance to buy a very inexpensive tool for measuring Tint.

The Opple transforms a Wall Of Words about Tint, into numbers that can be compared directly.

Without vague and confusing descriptions like "creamy", "pure white", "neutral", "green", "not green", etc.

This is how I use it:
The bathroom sink is my "studio", close the door to make the room dark.


this is how I use the data to visualize the Tint Duv:

For consistency when comparing two of my lights, I try to get the Opple to read a similar intensity, about 20,000 lux, by either turning up the output, and/or changing how close the light is to the meter.

there is variation in Tint duv, based on whether the light is set to a low output or a high one.

I usually just test at about 20 lumens output.. I do not try to test the corona, I just aim the hotspot at the sensor.. thats just me.. lol

Go crazy.. some people use the Opple outdoors, at night, from 4 meters away.. others use tripods to mount the light and aim it at the Opple standing on its head.. etc.. just be consistent.

Dont expect my Opple to match your Opple, as our LEDs are not identical, there will always be variations.

Where the Opple really Shines, is for comparing my own lights to each other.

Its the most fun little tool Ive bought in a long time!


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Mar 31, 2015
check out the subtle difference in Opple data between a reflector and a Tir, on a recently modded light:

Note the greenish tint shift in the corona of the beam profile on bottom right of pic:

no more tint shift, pebbled Tir blends it in:

Do you think I should dedome it?.. LOL!

for reference here is how my Opple reads cloudy afternoon daylight on the 35th parallel:
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