P60 sized led drop-ins (part 3)

Charlie Hustle

Newly Enlightened
May 18, 2016
Propaganda U.S.A.
Gents, I'm a simple old boomer, I've liked flashlights since before even the days of daring to wear a simple AA Mini-Mag in it's black cordura sheath in uniform was courting to get "wrote up" by some MA2 with an axe to grind. But still, here I am, and with yet another question, or more a request to please dumb it down slightly to the matter of Surefire P or G series drop in LED replacements;
I have several older Surefire 6P or even a stray G2 style around, several of which have those cheap, Amazon, $12.99 drop in LED specials, which are giving me trust issues. Without going in the other extreme, cost wise, how are these three folks compared to each other and as far as providing trouble free service? If it matters, I seem to prefer cool throwy beams.
Eagle Tac Are these worth a look?
Kaidomain Is this just another Amazon, Ali Express, outlet, or are there some noteworthy exceptions?
or Lumens Factory If I went w/Lumens Factory, I'd try and buy several things at once to mitigate that darn shipping, but they were "solid" several years ago, are they still decent?
Is there someone else for a cost effective 6P drop in LED?
Also, any decent tail caps (clicky type) for same?
I'm afraid I'm in danger of spending $100+ to "upgrade" three old flashlights... But upgrade to what decade? The teens?