P61 works in a Wolfeyes 6PX


Newly Enlightened
Mar 25, 2005
Duluth, GA USA
After I saw the high quality of my Pila GL3, I decided to give the Wolfeyes lights a try since they are made by the same folks and sell for a very good price at Battery Station.

With the stock bulb I don't find the light output to be very impressive when compared directly with the GL3. So I bought a Surefire P61 HOLA and modified it to fit the 6PX and now I've got a very bright light for not a lot of money. The 6PX is only $28, plus ~$21 for HOLA. So 50 bucks gets me 120 lumens in a small package. In fact, the 120 lumen P61 seems to be brighter than the 130 lumen GL3. Perhaps this helps to confirm others' comments that Surefire underrates and/or Pila overrates their output.

I did two modifications to the P61. I ground down the circumference of the part that the big spring sits on (as described in another thread for the P91) and also cut a couple coils from the big spring (on the smaller diameter end) so that it would seat further down and allow the bezel to screw on fully.

Best $50 I've spent on a flashlight.