Performance Review: THORFIRE SB-6022 Camping Lantern (Rechargeable and Hand-Crank)


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May 5, 2010
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Why a 'Performance Review'?:
I'm not always able to conduct a full review, but have run the technical tests on a particular light. A 'Performance Review' is intended to provide an outlet for this information and a placeholder for further updates and discussion. No Pros and Cons are included as these performance reviews contain only experimentally measured output figures.

As a 'Performance Review', this thread contains the measured output and runtime data for the THORFIRE SB-6022 mini telescopic camping lantern.


Author's Statement for Transparency and Disclosure
The test sample/s featured in this article have been provided for technical testing and review by the manufacturer. Test samples are retained by the reviewer following publication of the completed review for the purposes of long term testing and product comparisons.

All output figures and test results published in this review are the sole work of the reviewer, and are carried out independently and without bias. Test results are reported as found, with no embellishments or alteration. Though best endeavours are made to maintain the accuracy of test equipment, the accuracy of these results is not guaranteed and is subject to the test equipment functioning correctly.

A couple of details:

The supplied box.


And the box contents.


The base has the hand-crank and hanging loop


The charging port has a rubber fold out cover which also has an indicator light and next to this is the power switch.


When folded the camping lantern can be used as a torch.


The body has a concertina like collapsible body that can be stretched out to become a lantern.


Modes and User Interface:

The Camping Lantern has a single electronic click switch which simply cycles Low -> High -> OFF.

On the base is a Hand Crank which allows for recharging of the built in 300mAh cell with no other power source.

Batteries and output:

The Camping Lantern uses a built in 300mAh/3.7V "capacitance type lithium battery".

To measure actual output, I built an integrating sphere. See here for more detail. The sensor registers visible light only (so Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet will not be measured).

Please note, all quoted lumen figures are from a DIY integrating sphere, and according to ANSI standards. Although every effort is made to give as accurate a result as possible, they should be taken as an estimate only. The results can be used to compare outputs in this review and others I have published.

THORFIRE telescopic camping lanternI.S. measured ANSI output LumensPWM frequency or Strobe frequency (Hz)

There is no measurable PWM.

Having an electronic switch the camping lantern will have drain. This could prove a problem unless very low, and the instructions say to wind the hand crack every month for a minute.

Running on Maximum, this is the output graph with a freshly charge. It is shown along with the PF01 and PF02 also tested for a Performance Review.


Used in torch mode, the beam looks like this


Stretching out the body the lantern is in area lighting mode.


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May 5, 2010
Hove, UK
Reserved for updates ...

The original sample was not supplied with the correct cables. It should have included the female USB-A cable seen here. The package now includes the male and female USB-A cables.


This allows the hand crank to be used to charge a phone in an emergency (as well as charging the internal cell for the lamp. When a phone is connected, the hand crank resistance does go up quite a lot and using the USB charge doctor it showed the charging current delivered varied between around 0.25A and 0.4A depending on how fast you crank it.

A useful feature to have, but not one you will want to use regularly as it is hard work to keep it up for any extended period.

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