"Philips xtreme vision", a new bulb?

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May 3, 2009
Yes, it is. That's by objective fact, which beats your "Yep, that looks pretty good to me" opinion.

There's no such thing as a high/low H7 system. And those rigged up shields Casper sells are not effective at all. Not really. Not objectively. Not even if you went to the trouble and expense of buying and installing them. No matter how much you might like believing they're terrific, in fact they're dangerous and illegal. You may want to discontinue contending otherwise; it's against the rules of this forum to advocate unsafe or illegal lighting, and yours fall into both categories. If you keep on insisting you're right and physics is wrong, sooner or later a moderator will probably come along and shut you down.

Really? A moderator is going to "shut him down" because he doesn't agree with what you're saying?(I know halogen=/=HID is fact, but that's irrelevant)

It seems like in every thread I read on this section that you reply in, your messages give off an arrogance, like you're the god of lighting. You seem to know a lot, but you don't need to rub it in people's faces. If the guy wants to put HIDs in his scooter, let him do it. If it ends up causing someone to crash, then he'll deal with the consequences. You told him they are illegal and don't work in halogen housings, if he still wants to argue then just let it be. If you're sick of having this debate over HIDs then you shouldn't throw in your 2 cents. This forum is here to enlighten those who don't know much about automotive lighting and for showing off projects. If you can't enlighten people with your vast knowledge of lighting graciously, then maybe you shouldn't help at all. :shakehead


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Mar 26, 2004
Really? A moderator is going to "shut him down" because he doesn't agree with what you're saying?

No, a moderator may shut him down because he's advocating illegal and unsafe lighting modifications, which is against the rules of this forum.
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