Photographing Strobes


Newly Enlightened
May 31, 2014
I came across a red light camera damaged by hurricane Ian. It was strobing at around 5 times per second for around 20 seconds though I am sure some flashes were so close together I counted than as 1. I managed to get a 12 second video before my battery went dead. It shows 42 flashes and the strobe time was so short each frame was divided in 2 and the strobe was in only part of the frame. I am sure flashes were missed between the frames. I have figured out how to calculate the dead time between frames but my expertise is not likely to be recognized by a court. My question is are there any studies on the dead time between frames that a court will accept? I have spoken about strobes causing epileptic seizures before but the problem is more general here. 5 strobes per second is capable of blinding motorists and I intend to prove the malfunctioning caused traffic accidents.


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