Photon ReX? Also check out the new proton!


Jan 16, 2005
Danville, KY
I just got my Rex today.
First impression; this thing seems as bright as my Proton, but the beam is restricted because of the plastic above and below the array. Color is good without much blue in the beam, has a yellow tint like other DS leds.
The charger is really cool! I hooked it up to a AA hybrid and put the whole thing in my pocket.
The light can be either ramped from dim to bright, or bright to dim. The dim is REALLY dim. Looks to be less than the lowest on my Novatac which would put it below 0.08 lumens! Me like.
I can't wait till it gets dark to play!
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Dec 29, 2007
Very cool stuff. I will have to have a Proton Pro. The Rex will be cooler IMHO when the USB charger becomes available. Keep the battery adapter put up and just charge it every few days while working on the computer.

I have a Rex. I've had problems charging it, though. it seems to be working now. I would also like to see a USB charger. according to at least one vendor, the Rex can be charged with any battery up to 6 volts. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, it would be pretty easy to cut up a USB cable, solder the wires to a charging port with two steel plates that the magnetic battery terminals can stick to. Make sure they are recessed somehow to prevent shorts.
If 6 volts is not appropriate, it should be fairly easy to calculate what size dropping resistor to put inline one of the wires.