Photons: Is the Stealth version better?


Aug 6, 2000
Green Bay, WI USA
Well of course I do
It is the same led and battery, and the same brightness.(as the origional Photon II) Basically it has a sort of "turtle neck" that goes up around the LED so it doesn't shine off to the sides, this is nice because it doesn't shine back in your eyes. It also has a "quick change battery compartment" It is definetly better than the tiny screws, and once the unit is open it doesn't fall all apart since the turtle neck is holding the led in place above the batteries. I like the inporvement, although you loose the switch to keep the unit on all the time. Ted, was that you that mentioned a tiny spring clip to keep these units on? That would be one way of doing it, although I only use these light intermittently so it is fine for me.


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If you mean the Covert version of the Photon Micro Lights? Then yes I have several. They are essentially the same as the regular versions. Only the Photon I and III come in a Covert version.

Covert Photon Micro Lights have a little sheath or tube or collar around the bulb so that it is directed in a straight beam rather than as an area light.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Clay:
Anyone out there have the stealth version? How does it compare to the standard?