PHOTOS: 1157 Incandescent (vs.) Philips X-Treme Vision (vs.) Philips VISION LED's

Alaric Darconville

Staff member
Sep 2, 2001
Stillwater, America
This is something that makes the "how to safely evaluate LEDs" thread a bit more understandable. By themselves, you might not notice the LED drop-in just not performing well, but side by side you can see what's going on. Indeed, even the better versions of the name-brand products may not produce good results because the bare 'bulb' doesn't have the same emission pattern and also introduces shadowing and reflections not produced by a filament bulb.

I like that they point out that the registration plate is not properly illuminated with white light. The cure for this, of course, is NOT to put a white LED drop-in in there; those typically have high CCTs which means very little red/orange/yellow present in the white light, making a sickly brownish-pink color when it passes through the red lens.

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