Pila IBC Charger Q - Temp. variations per battery slot


Sep 9, 2006
Northern Virginia
I recently purchased the IBC smart charger- initially to charge only my Pila 600s. Then I decided to experiement with a few of AW's 18650s, 14670s, and 14500s. The charger seems to work fine. The batteries come off at normal ratings - obviously at little above but they settle down after a bit. This past weekend I purchased a digital IR handheld thermometer. One advantage of the digital IR thermometer is that I can duplicate the exact - well almost - location tested on each battery. Always the curious one - I started monitoring the batteries while charging in the IBC. I find that no matter which battery size is in the charger the left side battery (facing the charger) is always 7 -11 degrees cooler than the right side. None of my readings have exceeded 101.9 degrees. Is what I have experienced normal? Thanks for any help or suggestions. Kirk
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