pk Annonces Luxeon LED for E series


Nov 1, 2001
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Yes, there will be New Luxeon LED bezel for "E Series" as well.
No, it is not SF engineering practice to "CHEAT" you with resistors.
At least, not on these...
Also, SF Ratings are NOT LED manufacturers specification either.
SF Lumen ratings are ACTUAL LO from our unit.
I hope you could live with this method,
because we do not want to misguide you with Bulb rating, optimal temperature rating, or, or, or...
SF rating is what actual LO of SF device in your hand.

Yes, One Luxeon, 15 Lumens.
If Lumiled has brighter LEDs now, we will buy them all.



WOW he keeps feeding us these tidbits I can't wait to see them.


I've got to get me one of those


I assume that it will run down to .6 -.8v and will be compatable with the E1 single 123A light as well as the E2.


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Nov 10, 2000
SF finally seems serious about the LED entry. I liked the 19 LED M3, but it never materialized. I hope this is more than just a protoptype to display, and will actually make it to the market. By "e series" does he mean e1, e2 or both?


Nov 14, 2001
Both the E1 and E2!
That's great!
Because I was thinking.....
The Luxeon on the E2..... less light, but waaay longer run time. That's good.
But the Luxeon on the E1..... now that's GREAT!!!!
Look at the E1specs now (incandescent):
15 lumens, 90min run time.
If the Luxeon module will put out 15 lumens as PK says, that means there is no loss of light output! And well, the run time is going to be longer still.....
That means that you could do without the original incandescent E1 bulb completely!
Now that's what I call a win-win situation!
Just to be on the safe side, is anyone absolutely SURE that there will be a Luxeon for the E1 as well?
Because PK anounced the LED for the 6V models first, and then for the E2. But because the E2 is 6V as well, I think that makes sense that they would have one. Especially because the LED will not give off a lot of heat (which has been the reason why they are not making a HOLA yet).
But because the E1 is only 3V, I don't know.....
So, again, if anyone is absolutely POSITIVE that there will be the Luxeon Module for the E1, please let us know.
Anyone from Surefire?




Apr 4, 2001
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Daniel Ramsey:
I do have specs for Maxims that will work in -40 temps but it would drive the cost up and simplicity and reliability is what we are accustomed to.Another concern is the reliabilty of any IC or chip in the possible event of an EMP, and please do not discuss that unless somebody has some valid points to offer in that direction.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Maxim typically quotes that performance at minus 40C is designed for, but not tested.
Batteries might be an issue at that temp.

As far as EMP - completely shielding the circuit will provide a good amount of protection. That means building the light into an all metal enclosure with a metallic reflector. Non-ferrous metal will protect from high electrical field strength, while ferrous metal will protect against both high magnetic field strength and some protection for high electric field strength. The magnetic portion of an EMP event is more difficult to protect from. The enclosure should have no gaps or holes, and all parts of the enclosure including the reflector should have exceptional and continuous electrical connections to all others. All batteries and circuitry should be inside the metal enclosure with power to the LED passing through the metal via twisted paired wires. The exposed LED is susceptable and could be marginally protected by a reverse connected diode to prevent reverse voltage breakdown - forward breakdown could still happen.

Practically speaking, my opinion is that if you are using a metal body IC regulated light, and you are close enough to an EMP or other "anti-electronics" tactical event to blow the light....well, a blown light may not be your primary concern.

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