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Aug 1, 2005
Upstate NY
Interested in building a light bar to replace some halide lamps in our dome home

One of the main reasons drove my wife and I decided to build a dome home nearly 30 years ago was an interest in living an energy efficient life style. The house has been very successful in this regard for both heating and cooling but could certainly be found lacking in regards to lighting.

One area that is often lighted inefficiently is the kitchen where we have ~350 watts of halide lamps providing light to the area. (Probably 3500+ lumens)

There are four 50 watt MR16s plus a 150 watt halide flood lamp. The lamps have had a pretty short life and consume a good amount of wattage for the lumens they provide.


We're hoping to design and build a LED light bar to take the halides place at a lower wattage while providing even greater illumination. To that end we would like to ask for ideas and help from those of you with more knowledge who might be willing to offer up advice.

Best Regards,

Hugh Denise