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Aug 16, 2013
Hello everyone,

My first post so please treat me gently.

I just bought an LED Lenser K3 for my keyring to help me look around the back of computer equipment racks and walking around a campsite in the dark. I'm astonished that something so small can be so bright. I don't really use the adjustable focus gizmo, I prefer it with the narrowest focus setting because I don't like the dark rings when it is on the wide focus.

I'm so impressed that I want something similarly rugged but a bit bigger and brighter for camping. The P5R and M7R models seem the right size. I also quite like the idea of the magnetic charging cradle as a way of coercing my family to return the flashlight to a fixed place. We're always "losing" the cheap plastic flashlights that we buy.

They are quite expensive here in the UK so I thought I had better research the market a bit more thoroughly before spending the money. Unfortunately I am now simply bewildered by the range of choices.

I then stumbled across this forum. Please would you recommend some other similar products that I should consider and why?

Many thanks.


May 3, 2012
welcome- what most here would probably say is that we need more specific information since there is such a "bewidering" array of choices.
there is a checklist form at the top of this forum that you can use to tell folks what specifically you want.
As as introduction to this- I would say some key things to consider first are:
1. do you want to use regular store-bought batteries or would you consider either of the two -kinds of rechargeables? (the Lithium Ion ones are very powerful, last longer, but cost more and are a bit complicated to use) -there are some intro threads about batteries on one of forum "sticky" lists i believe.
2. Figure out if you want a small hand held , maybe pocketable size light or a bigger baton style light
3. Max price is always helpful
4. the "UI" is the switching apparatus of light - it can be really simple (on/off) or really complicated or anywhere in between - often with lots of modes that blink. this choice seems important to most people.

If you get some of these questions figured out - you'll probably get better answers on light recomemdations. Also, you can troll the Review section for very lenghty descriptions of the lights you're interested in.

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