Please help me find something a little bit special



Hi People,

Looking for my next light and have some special criteria:

1) Must be capable of deep pocket carry - by this I mean it has a pocket clip but located at the top of the light (switch end) so that when it is in my pocket none of the light is sticking out. A good example of this is the 4Sevens MiNi AA2.

2) Must be crenalated at the front

3) Must be a clicky but also be capable of tailstanding

4) Preferably has a high of 200+ lumens

5) Does not have annoying 'flashy' modes that I would have to cycle through. 'Flashy' is ok if hidden.

6) Should be 2xAA or 2xCR123 battery compatable

The light that would seem to fit the bill fairly well is the Surefire E2DL, however a good mate has this and I would like an alternative if possible.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



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