Please help suggest me a light

Terry M

Newly Enlightened
Mar 21, 2006
I'm relatively new to flashlights. Always loved them and have a couple Surefires, but aside from them I know little about any other brands.
I'm looking for a light about the size of the SF A2 and two stage but the higher output needs to be longer run time and LED instead of incandescent. I'd like it to be as high lumens as possible and waterproof/resistant is a huge plus. A belt clip is a major plus also.
Surefires are my favorites so suggest away, but I'm absolutely interested in other brands that fit the bill as well. Links are great, but just a name and I can Google it.

Thanks so much everyone.


Apr 11, 2011
Hi Terry, hang a round a bit while others get to suggest their favourite lights. Thre are a lot to look at. While I would say none compare to the expensive brands like SF many are pretty well made and should last for years. Brand HDS is a good one but it really depends what you are looking for, something that your life may depend on or just a general work horse. 4Sevens and Fenix would probably be the best bet. Also Eagletac.


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Dec 4, 2009
Los Angeles
check out the Surefire LX2
certain dealers have them on clearance for $140 now.
PM me if you want the dealer site.

I cant think of any other companies with the 2-stage interface such as the A2, Surefire might have a patent on it.
definitely cant go wrong with a surefire.

also, theres the A2L, LED version of the A2, looks alttle different, and many still prefer the incandesant model over the newer LED version.