Please list reputable online retailers that sell flashlights at low prices.



Please post the urls of reputable online retailers that sell flashlights at low prices.

I'm primarily interested in surefire and streamlight flashlights.


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Sep 26, 2000
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cheapest place for surefire and other tactical type lights is

their surefire prices are so good, we stopped carrying them on our own site because our dealer prices are close to their retail.

but as a plug for ourselves we beat the pants off of them when it comes to tactical knives, and LED based lights.

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Oct 27, 2000
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Watch out for Botachtachtical

Their website (and on-line ordering) lists all the stuff they dream of selling.

Their "inventory" IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER matches their website. I ordered about 10 items from them recently - after 4 days of no response, I started calling - after 3 days of calling I found someone who could look into it - after that they only had 1 item and had to order the rest.

I've spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to get a straight answer from them - everyone I talk to (customer dis-service, shipping, etc) has a different story about what they have and what they can ship.

(to their credit - they said that they had already ordered the stuff on my order and it should be arriving shortly).

Overall - their prices are very very good on surefire equipment. But dealing with these people really leaves a sour taste in your mouth - something you shouldn't have to deal with when buying a top of the line produt.

I bought my 911 from Leach as part of a big order with a group - he gave us pretty heavy discounts due to the volume of the order.

I wish there was one **GOOD** sure fire outlet - by that I mean :

1 - prices - forget retail, OK? (no that doesn't mean mark it up higher!!) Botach is doing fine here!

2 - Inventory most everything (It's ok to custom order a turbo head for a 3P... But the M2 should be in stock)

3 - stock spare parts (all bulbs, tail caps, etc) (Botach is pretty good here too!)

4 - have a website (Leach still doesn't have a website) (botach's website is a mess)

5 - ship no later than 1 bus. day after payment (i.e. don't use the customer's money to pay for the next order)

6 - email/phone the customer to confirm shipment and provide tracking info.

7 - Finally - be in cohoots with surefire so your loyal customers can get the M2000 on the day it shows up (kinda like the lines outside of Sony to buy PS2 - only we're just a tad more civilized than that)

Notice that I don't even care if they have a retail store. Someone could do this out of their garage for all I care. So long as they move product it makes no difference to me since I buy mail order (You're never going to go down to the mall and find a SureFire at Macy's -- there's one retail store here that sells them - it's a police supply store that marks the price up well past retail to pay for their storefront)

Actually - if brightguy lowered his prices just a little, and carried the whole surefire product line (instead of the fast movers) - he'd be the place to deal with. Last I checked - he didn't have the M2 or the E1. If Brightguy had the product, I'd gladly deal with his more professional operation than botach's "try back tomorrow" sales approach.


Aug 17, 2000
New Jersey
Have you called up BrightGuy? If they don't have a particular model on their website, they can always order it for you. Sometimes it takes them a couple of days to get something for you, or it can be up to a week.

However, I love dealing with them (bought ALL my lights from them: Pelican, SureFire, MagLite, PalLight) because they are friendly, helpful, and totally professional. Been using them for a couple of years now. Highly recommended.



I second Skyline. All of my dealings with BrightGuy had been very good. Email order confirmations are promptly sent and email requests-queries are promptly answered. Items ordered were packed properly and shipped promptly.

If you've been into a my-word-against-your-word-and-the-other-denies-everything-or-part-of-what-was-said type of situation, then you would understand why I give little credit for fast and friendly telephone type transactions and customer service. I also use the telephone to place the order and call-in my credit card account number, but I also need a prompt email confirmation with order # and details of my order. And if things go bad I want verifiable and printable record of answers to my queries.

Bottom line is if things turn bad or worse you'll need something tangible to show besides your word to backup your claim. Lawyers call it "black and white" document or anything in print or written.

For me that is the importance of prompt sending of email order verification and responding to my email queries.

Sometimes I wonder if stores not responding to emails are simply very busy or something else.

Peace of mind and zero or less aggravation to me is not worth the few dollars I might save from a unprofessional discount store.