Please reach a newbie a helping hand!



Hi. I'm buying my first more serious flashlight, but I have limited knowledge and experience. I'm therefore asking you all to give me some guidance on my journey :) I have looked at the Led Lenser T7 and I like the holster and lanyard as well as the packaging it comes in, but would like to consider all good alternatives!

I have a set of requirements, and hope someone have a good suggestion or two.

The flashlight should:

- Have an output of approx. 200 lumen

- Be no more than 13/14 centimetres = 5.1/5.5 inches long

- Wheigh no more than 200 grams = 7 oz

- Be as waterresistant as possible (Watertight would be ideal (IPX 8?)) and as though as possible

- Additionaly i would like it to:

- Be black and knurled

- Have different levels of light (in order to save power when less light needed)

- Come with a belt holster and a lanyard (like the Led Lenser t7)

Price up to 80 dollars

Thank's alot in advance guys! :thumbsup:

- Falck