Polarion legacy light repair - includes CSWL Night Reaper Information



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Jul 27, 2015
This post is a repair how-to intended for people buying used working and non-working Polarion lights. Most can be brought back to life. The repair process varies slightly according to the model.

Broken glass lens: spare glass is available for all models - a special tool is needed to remove the holding ring - can usually be done in field
Broken bulb: available for PH40, PH50 and all other subsequent models. Can be replaced in the field - some easy to find tools needed (strap wrenches). Over the years, various bulb bases were used. Confirm what you have before ordering.
Broken ballast: Some limited amount of 50 W slim ballasts available (for legacy PH50). All other ballasts available. Ballast can be replaced in field using special tools. 40 W ballasts can be used in lieu of 50 W ballast; light wattage reduced accordingly. PH50D is the 2016 version of PH50. Overtemp at glass problem fixed.
Batteries and charger: replacements available for all models. Vintage 2016 batteries are improved and sustain long-term discharge better.
O-rings: pre-lubricated spares available for all models.
Broken filters: Can be replaced with new ones
Broken hard cases: can be replaced with new ones. In some cases, may be more cost effective to get domestically at "Cabellas".
Broken reflector: can be replaced with new one. Can be done in field using special tool.

CSWL aka Night Reaper: NO FIELD MAINTENANCE possible other than battery replacement. Very limited inventory of spare parts. Must be returned to Polarion factory.
Abyss-S and Abyss-D: When doing field maintenance, make sure that the O-rings are properly lubricated and set in the right grooves.
Automotive HID ballast: Polarion sold HID upgrade kits for cars. No spares are available. No repair possible.

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