Possible to increase current to xm-l Strion led swap


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Oct 18, 2008
Hey fellow modders have some plans for my xm-l strion but wanted to see if an increase in current was possible.

So the first mod is to add an xm-l(just finished adding t6 3c to my c4 stinger love it even more now for work). I have one t6 3c and one u3 1c on the way. So this is not really the problem.

Now here is where im not sure what to do. I would like to increase the current going to the led to take advantage of what the t6 or the u3 can offer. i have some pictures of the driver and charging board(since they are one) that i will post and would like to know if i can mod it to increase the current like is done with adding amc7135's to other drivers. If anyone has any ideas as to what can be done , or if nothing can be done then im all ears. thanks joe

pics of each side of the driver, sorry they are cell phone pics, best i can do.



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Mar 1, 2007
Naoussa Greece
somewhere in there there is a sens resistor. It is where the voltage to the LED is measured.
If yuo can fidn one yuo can enxhange it will a lower value one.
But the lower you go the further from efficiency you will go too.