Power for 4D ROP questions


Mar 3, 2007
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So I've been reading and I'm slightly confused. It is recommended to run 6 SC batteries obviously in stick configuration for a 4D ROP mod. So I went to CBP and mocked up a custom pack. What options do I need and how in the world do I charge them once they are built into the stick?

Here were my "Steps"..

1. 6 cells
2. IB3600
3. Stick config
4. "No wire" (This is correct right?)
5. "No Plug" (This is correct?)
6. End to end solder and copper bars? Yes (Correct?)

Is this right?

What other alternative (cheaper) do I have to fully power the 4D setup on high?


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Jun 28, 2006
I'm gathering the parts for a 4d rop also, my first one.

I ordered some of the tenergy sub c cells to try. You can get them with tabs from batteryjunction or all-battery. This seemed like the cheapest way to give this build a try.

They have pack chargers at either site too or they also have some in the group buy section. Your pack is 7.2 volts so you'll want one that has that in it's range.

I'm going to hold my cells for charging in a pistol grip bar clamp with a copper plate at each end for contact. There's a nice pic on here somewhere where they drilled through the ends of the clamps and attached their wires that way.

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Dec 14, 2005
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When I ordered mine I ordered 6 Elite 4500s for the same application. I ordered "no wire", "no plug", and I did not check to have end to end solder and copper bus bars. When I received the pack it was wrapped as I expected, and I thought I would have to be careful not to bend it too much or the wrapper might break. I was glad to see that the cells were joined together by welds or solder (can't tell without breaking the stick apart) and the stick has a very solid feel to it.

The cells are probably welded together because as I understand it the whole pack can be welded at once, while soldering takes more time but gives lower resistance. Since we are not running these packs at extreme currents like RC folks do, welded packs are fine. You can charge the whole pack together using one of these.

CBP chooses cells for packs that are balanced with respect to one another, so the only thing you need to worry about is uneven rates of self discharge. This translates to not wanting to run the pack after it has sat around for a few weeks without charging it first to re-balance the cells. For best cell re-balancing, allow the pack to continue to trickle charge for at least 6 hours (my guess) after the charger light goes green to signal full charge.