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Sold/Expired (Price Drop) Bored Surefire 6P's with Cryos Cooling Bezels- OVEREADY Bored and Black Type III Hard Anodized

Sep 30, 2020
Caught In An Airduct

PayPal Goods & Services and US only please.

Shipped Priority Mail. I will ship ASAP and PM you with tracking # when I've shipped.

First "I'll take it" post followed by a PM for payment information wins. Please respond to payment request within 24 hours.

I will reduce the price by $10 per item (starting with the second item) to pass along my shipping savings.

Thank you for looking. -Tom

- These are pre-owned (by me) and are in virtually perfect condition. OVEREADY bored them to 18.65mm and Type III Black Satin Hard Anodized them. Bore will hold AW and Panasonic NCR18650GA and Efest 18350 IMRs and likely most/all unprotected cells but is too narrow for Keeppower 18650 protected cells.
- Heads are "Cryos Cooling Bezels" in Black HAIII from Cryos Illumination. This specific finish has been unavailable from their site for over a year, and I don't believe they'll be available again.
- I have upgraded the Z41 Twisty tailcaps with McClicky switches and Hardpress boots.
- All O-rings have been upgraded with Viton (FKM Fluoroelastomer) rings and lubed where applicable with Super Lube Synthetic Grease.

From Left to Right:

1. SF 6P with Customlites Cree XPL-HI (dedomed) 5000K Drop-In. Very throwy beam. Voltage range is officially 2.8v-6v but use only with 18650 cells as CR123's cannot handle the current draw. Head customized with Xeno crenelated polished steel bezel and UCLp anti-reflective acrylic lens from Flashlightlens.com. I can also replace the solid black body with one having the white lettering preserved. (See photo below.) Dimensions and anodizing are the same as the black, but somehow Oveready preserved the lettering on this rare example. There are two tiny dings which are visible in photo on the knurling to the left of the first "R" in "Surefire" and to the left of the "S" in "US". The rest of the white spots are dust.
Asking $165 $155. I will absorb the $10 Priority Mail shipping myself.

2. SF 6P with Customlites Triple XP-E2 in solid copper module.
Surprisingly "tight" beam for a triple. (Beam isn't red like in the picture which is reflecting off the copper.) Beam is neutral 5000K. 2.8v-4.2v. Head customized with Xeno crenelated black steel bezel and UCLp anti-reflective acrylic lens from Flashlightlens.com.
Asking $175 $165. I will absorb the $10 Priority Mail shipping myself.


Edited to add photo.
Edited to correct typo (XPL-HI, not HPL-HI :rolleyes:).
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