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Sold/Expired *Price drop* WTS: Mcgizmo Makai and Mule


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Jan 17, 2008
Hey guys,
I'm just popping in quick, to find new homes for my Mcgizmo Makai and mule flashlights. These are amazing flashlights, but I am downsizing to just my Haiku.

#1 Mcgizmo Makai with 2X123 body.
This light has a DatiLed Light engine. It is a copper pill, with 3 mode driver, and Luxeon V 4000K Led. This creates an absolutely fantastic beam! Nice large hotspot, with good throw! The light has a few scuffs on the head and tail, but is in great shape overall. It also comes with a extra sapphire lens and o-rings. It runs on a 16650 cell or a 16340 cell. (with the included "dummy" cell.) Two new Keep Power 16650 protected cells included. Asking $515, $495, $475, $450, $425 ***SOLD***

Mcgizmo Mule with 1XAA body.
This light is equally cool! Running a copper LE, put together for me by DatiLed. It has a 15VP V5 driver. (which allows for AA or 14500 cells for a little extra brightness!) The LED is a Nichia SW35 R9080 Led for the perfect flood beam at night! It is in great shape, other then some light scratches on the light. Asking $350 ***SOLD***

These two light make a perfect pair, especially since the bodies can be swapped. Perfect flood and perfect, balanced throw beam!

The First "I'll Take It", followed by PayPal, gets it! Thanks

. 08873383-599C-4B2C-B8C6-4C0A100A392D.jpeg 2DA25C9F-365F-42E9-8D3F-2D05FFBD7DD6.jpeg 1E67D4DA-0EE4-4E97-BFDE-1D89A1374968.jpeg B2E8C749-7B94-4638-A203-B7AC04B9586B.jpeg


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Oct 13, 2006
Nice snag on the Makai. I was eyeing that for a bit. I would have definitely gone in on it with that last price update. I'll take backup on it if the transaction falls through.