PURGE 2.0 Last price drops



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Mar 10, 2011
Since the forum changed i cannot edit my sales thread. I can edit new posts so i figured the easiest way around it is to just make a new thread. This is just pasted from the original thread.

Can edit now :)



1 - Modified vape conversion. I don't remember the led. At a guess it's xpg2 5000k. Led4power driver and rgb tail, Short (unprotected) cells. $400 $380 $300 $270
2 - Modified vape conversion. Kaidomain triple nichia 219c and optics, Led4power ld-4 driver, banggood blue lighted tail, Convoy metal tail switch Unprotected cells, no o-rings. $200 $180 $130 $100 SOLD
3 - Modified McGizmo McLux. Kaidomain triple nichia 219c and optics, Mountain 17DD driver with D4 e-switch firmware, fading leds in the head. That reminds me I've got the original light engine floating around here somewhere... $300 $280 $230 SOLD
4 - Modified FW3x. custom mokuti host, nichia 219c (i think). If this one doesn't sell I'll gladly keep it. $2000 $1900 $1500 WITHDRAWN
5 - Sunwayman V10R. Hanko head and bezel, body modified by myself, SOYCD switch, Mcgizmo pocket clip, all blue trits but they are getting old and one or two of them no longer glow. Forgot the led but i think it's 5000k. $500 SOLD
6 - Eagle Tac D25c. Converted to triple xpg2 4000k, frosted wide optics, banggood single blue led lighted tail. $100 $90 $70 SOLD
7 - Custom Copper light. Nichia 219b 4000k, mtn fet+ driver, no lighted tail, takes 16340 cells. $100 SOLD
8 - Custom Mokuti light. Don't remember the led but iirc it's 3000k, Led4power driver and red lighted tail. $1200 $1100 $800 SOLD
9 - Custom Superconductor light. Don't remember the leds ~4000k, Led4power driver and rgb tail, takes 18350 cells. $1000 SOLD

10 - Modified TK61. Don't remember the led but i measured the throw at 773kcd. Could probably do better with an updated led. $200 $180 $120 $80
11 - Venom Orion. Triple 219c, Lexel driver, tail threaded to take a retaining ring, gchart battery indicator switch. $300 $280 $230 SOLD
12 - Sunwayman v11r. McBrat pocket clip, flickering (intentional) orange lighted tail. $100 $90 $70 SOLD

13 - Emisar D4. SST-20 4000k, custom lighted mirror tail, unprotected short cells only. $200 $180 $150 $130
14 - FW3D. SST-20 4000k. $250 $230 $200 $180 SOLD
15 - Tain Azco. Yellow orange red trits. $420 $400 $350 SOLD
16 - Modified hair clipper conversion. I don't really remember the spec's on this one. I think it's - Lexel driver with bistro, 219b 4000k, striped optic, no o-rings, infinite mirror tail. $200 $180 $120 $100
17 - Astrolux S41S coloured. 219b, includes 18650 tube. $60 $50 $40 - $20 with another purchase (except meote)
18 - Noctigon KR4. SST-20 4000k, $50 SOLD
19 - Meote FM1. SST-20 4000k, slight damage to the head when i pulled it open to repair.
$10 with another purchase SOLD
20 - Jetbeam TC1. xml t6. $200 SOLD
21 - Modified hair clipper light. Lume1 driver, triple xpg 3300k, auxiliary lit skull eyes. $500 $450 $350 $300

Forgot to say prices (usd) include shipping from Australia :p
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Mar 10, 2011
It's yours jwyj. I just sent you a pm. Please excuse me for not editing the OP, since the format changed i cannot edit posts in the sales forum.