Quad LED Dynamo HUB to drive ?


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Nov 20, 2008

This seems like a really good price - Quad and Lens

I have MR 11 housing.

A few Questions please:

Can I run this from a Shimano Dynohub ?

If so, how would I wire it iwth and without using bridge rectifier ?

If I cannot use Dynohub can I run it perhaps off 4 rechargeable AA 2500MAH and again how would i wire it ?

Many thanks

Manufacturer: Cutter

Cutter-XRE32R2MR11Q(Special Offer) Free Cutter-4N Included


The Cutter-XRE32R2MR11Q is a 32mm round MCPCB loaded with 4 pcs of the Cree XRE WD bin R2 Flux, Cool white Leds.

Quick Facts

MCPCB Led Lumens MAX 1100 Lumens

Colour Temp 6000K

PCB Type Series Wired 14.4v Required

The XLamp XRE lighting-class LED remains a superb example of Cree Led Technology. At 100 lumens per watt this led PCB combination remains one of our highest selling item and remains in combination with out Cutter Quad Optic, the leading throw combination,even against more efficient leds. Thousands have been sold worldwide.

Led Part Number is XREWHT-L1-WD-R2-0-01

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The Cree XRE R2 white LEDs are pre-soldered to a 32mm Round Shaped Metal Core PCB. The aluminum base makes it easy to access the leds via insulated vias in the centre of the PCB and solder hook up wire or 2 pin headers to the LED using standard hand tools. Fastening the LED assembly to a heat sink is simplified using either

T418 pressure sensitive, double sided thermal tape. (Order here separately.)

Glue down with Arctic Silver 2 part Epoxy, Arctic Alumina or Arctic Alumina bear in mind the engine is not easliy removed with this method

Use Arctic Silver Compound and screw down with an self tapper through the edge hole

Need Custom MCPCB? Custom versions available with tooling starting as little as USD150

For more information

This PCB is fully compatible with the range of 35 mm optics. we offer, however bear in mind some degree of optic holder modification may be neccessary depending on the holder footprint and your housing


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Mar 10, 2011
The Cutter-XRE32R2MR11Q hs four series wired LED needing 14.v to operate. That's quite a lot from a hub dynamo so they won't light until you're going at some speed. To wire it without a bridge rectifier, just connect the dynamo leads directly to the bulb. I'm not familiar with the Shimano hub, it may only have one wire and use the frame as the ground. To wire it with a rectifier, use Martin's circuits: http://pilom.com/BicycleElectronics/DynamoCircuits.htm#Basics
4 AA batteries won't produce enough voltage to light the bulb. NiMh batteries are about 1.2v compared to 1.5v for alkaline so you'd need 12 batteries and some way to limit the current.