Quark Tactical Question **SOLVED**


Jun 2, 2009
My question is about pre-flash. I am not here to criticize the problem - merely to ask a question.

I own 6 Quarks but I recently purchased my first tactical model. My Quarks with standard UI only exhibit pre-flash if I start on low power after previously using high. In other words if I keep the Quark on low all the time there is no pre-flash. If I turn to high but before turning off go to low for a minute then turn off there will also be no pre-flash when I turn on in low position.

Now my tactical model Q123 X 2 R4 works differently. I have one mode (tight head) set to Max and the other (loose head) set to low. Even if I leave the flashlight in low position and never turn on high I get a pre-flash on low. I can leave it on low for 10 minutes. Turn it off for 5 minutes. Now start up in low again without ever switching to high and I still get the pre-flash. The only time I do not get the pre-flash is if I repeatedly (within a minute) reuse the flashlight on low...but then once turned off for 5 minutes when I turn it on in low position pre-flash again.

My question is if this is normal for tactical models? If not I'll send it to 4Sevens for repair. None of my normal UI Quarks do this but this is my only tactical model so I don't know.

Again, this is not an effort to criticize 4Sevens. I merely want to know if I should send it in for repairs or if all tactical models do this.