Queen Barlow Test


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia
Testing today a Chinese production Queen cutlery Barlow .
Yeah , I dont know what the blade steel is , maybe 440A ?
HRC .. My 60HRC file bites & my 55HRC file skates ! At least it's reasonably hard for a cheap knife .. $15 to $16 USD in the USA .

It is a classic Barlow pattern knife in Stainless Steel (?)
The factory edge rolled / failed @ 125 slices of 10mm twisted sisal rope .

Resharpening the knife showed that one side was 21 degrees and the other side 19 degrees ( edge bevel ) .
Resharpening I re did the edge 20 per side . Resharpened the failure point came at 400 slices of rope ! eek.gif
biggrin.gif That's a hell of a lot of knife for the money !
What's to complain about ?
Aside from the price in Australia , nothing really ! There is no slop / play .. The factory edge was better than I expected .
Resharpened & the performance was excellent !
It is a small knife ( pocket knife ) and one should not expect it to perform as well as a larger knife .
So ? I have to give what I have in my possession a 9/10 . popcorn.gif
A small cheap knife running with much more expensive knives and kicking quite a few of them to the curb !



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May 8, 2017
Eastern Europe
Interesting result, thank you. Have you tested something on the same rope that has approximately constant quality over time (Douk-douk, Opinel, Ontario Old Hickory) as a reference point?