Question about AC power adaptor for olight SR 90 (Australia)

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Hi everyone. Well, I've just received my Olight SR90 intimidator. What a beauty!! That large head with its highly polished reflector looks incredible. I can't wait to charge it up and see what it can do. And show it off to some friends.

I'm here in Australia and I have a question about an AC power adaptor. The plug on the adaptor provided has 2 top flat pins and a bottom round pin so it's not going to fit an Australian power point. So, the logical thing for me to do is to go down to my local electronics outlet and buy a Korjo AC adaptor.

There is one particular adaptor that fits most appliances from around the world that I can plug into my power point. Here is a web link to it:

I notice however there is a stipulation. That if your particular appliance is 110 volts, you need to also buy a Korjo step down transformer. I believe the Olight SR 90's AC charger ranges from 100-240 volts (Australian power supply is 240 volts).

So I'm confused. Can I buy this Korjo adaptor for my SR 90? If so, do I need to buy the step down transformer? If anyone has another suggestion for an AC power adaptor for the SR 90 for Australian use, I'm all ears.

Thank you.