Question about LEO Vehicle driving patterns


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Apr 7, 2004
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the reason they have to get so close, is not for the licence plate and tag, but they need to get the V.I.N. :)


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Dec 23, 2006
cobb said:
Another question, lets take a situation where the traffic is slow or stopped on all lanes but in front of you and you have a police car, ambulance or fire truck behind you and you can not pull over for lack of room. Do you go ahead and travel til you can pull over, what speed? Can or will a LEO, EMT use the PA system to tell you to move it or something?

In your instance there's no telling how far you'd have to travel forward before you could get out of the way. The best bet would be to force over (usually right is safest) and make traffic next you give you room. When they hear the woo-woos they'll get the idea... usually.

We can & will use the PA if necessary to give guidance to the more confused members of the herd. Some folks really do freeze up & freak out. I've had people who didn't see me until I'd gotten fairly close "ditch dive" and nearly wreck out instead of just easing over. Others have pulled out in front of me in an intersection & then frozen up nearly causing a T-bone when they realized I was entering the intersection. We in the emergency services call it "situational awareness," lots (not all) of the general public lack it.


Dec 21, 2006
Good info in here.
i get this several times a month, and its like "geez guys, im not that interesting"

i must match the car or description of someone theyve been looking for thats all i can figure.

i allways figured it was a plate scanning thing or a nervous entrapment sort of a deal.
good to know. just what i thought.

unless the fuel budget is low and the management was encouraging "drafting" like in nascar...

unfortunately for them i am pretty anal about following trafic laws and being a safe driver - i pay attention and make a point of not driving like a clown. most speed past me or turn off after a few minuets.

i did get cigarette smoke in my eyes one day a week or so ago and got distracted, and cleared a stale yellow. i couldnt have stopped safely anyway because it was wet/ice/slush/sand...

(thinking ohhh, that was close, oww that STINGS) and RIGHT THERE - bam - an unmarked caprice pulled out from the shopping centere right after the intersection and was RIGHT UP on me for a good ways down the road.

ive thought of sending a letter off about it, considering this year in this town weve had alot of unsolved frontpage crimes (disproportionately large amount- including seperately we just had an incedant a while back of one driving drunk in a squadcar, with 4 blown tires, rampaging across town one night and bumping into lots of stuff) - it would be just my luck that i would have to basically tow cops around the rest of my life if i did that...

"good morning officer max, did you remember the towchain this time or are we gonna use mine again?" :laughing:

well, at least i am not the only one, and it shows they are lookin for the bad guys after all...